sand on rocks
by: Taylor zalma alexis kolby


We think that there will be a pattern and path that will form dents in the sand.


What would happen if there was rocks underneath?(stream-bed)


rocks,sand,stream tables,water,bowl,beaker

set up

1.lay stream-table down at a tilt

2.lay rocks down until the whole bottom of the stream-table is covered

3.layer it with sand

4.pour one liter of water

5.put a large bowl under the hole  of the stream-table


after no rocks


When we  poured the water on the stream-table it took only the rocks.But only some of  the soil.Our hypothesis was wrong.We said that the rocks would create a pattern ,but instead it just made a way though the middle to show us the rocks.Then the soil came down and covered up some of the rocks.Then the water started poring through the stream table and into the bowl.

SAND ON ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!