Apps for Learning

There are plenty of apps you can use in the elementary classroom. It is important to find apps that will be educational and not just for fun. This is a collection of apps I would use in my classroom.

Park Math

Park Math is an educational math game that teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It has lots of variety and I would use it as a practice tool for the many skills in math units.

Even Monsters Get Sick!

This is an interactive storybook, that is age appropriate and fun. I would use it for students who need extra practice reading because if you are having troubles, this app features a read along portion for support.

Awesome Upstander

This is anti- bullying app that teaches students how to stand up to bullies and help their friends. It is an interactive game and storybook that is fun for students, while still getting a good message across.

Bobo Explores Light

This is an exploratory app that lets students experiment with light while learning about science. I would use this as an introduction activity at the beginning of a light unit in science. It is fun but not entirely educational; it could be used to get students thinking scientifically about light.


Toontastic is an app that allows users to create their own cartoons and could be successfully used in the classroom. I would let students use this for presentations or creative storytelling.

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