A walk Through Time

With Ben Grabowska

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was baptised April 26, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. We do not know the actual date of birth though we can guess that it is the 23rd of April.

Little of Williams childhood is known, though there is a very good chance that the school he attended was a school called the King's New School because he would have had free tuition.He would have had free tuition because he is the child of a public official.

William, at the age of 18, got married to Anne Hathaway. Anne was 26 years old....wierd right?

Anne was already pregnant when they got married, she had 3 children in total, one of them died at the age of 11, no one knows why. The children that William had with her were twins born on February 2, 1585, their first child was born two years earlier.

Shakespeare went completely missing for seven years, there are no records of this time of his life.

In 1592 William started acting as a profession. He also started writing plays at this time.

William Died on his birthday, April 23, 1616

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His accomplishments

  • He wrote 37 plays
  • He had a wife and two children
  • Worked for the London World Theater
  • Invented about 1700 words
  • Wrote plays for the Queen and for the public both, not just one or the other.
  • Citing - book and notes


Erasmus was born October 28, 1466

Erasmus had a very good childhood, he had a great education and supposedly kind parents.

After he was done with schooling in his childhood he went into monastic life, at around the age of 25.

After he was entered into monastic life he was able to attend the University of Paris

He spent three years in a publishing company in Venice. (1506-1509)

Late in his life he became a scholar and started writing for and against the church, tying to make it more Liberal, nowadays more conservative.

Erasmus died July 12, 1536


His Accomplishments


Born Match 6, 1475 is Caprese Italy.

Michelangelo grew up a painter a midst a family of bankers before he started sculpting.

His apprenticeship led him into the house of the Medici family to study the art of sculpting. He had already started sculpting when he was 16.

Michelangelo's art dealer is thought to have cheated a man out of his money by selling one of Michelangleo's pieces as an antique, eventually leading the man to invite Michelangelo to sculpt for him.

Michelangelo relocated to Rome, in request of Cardinal Riario, the man that was cheated of his money, in 1498.

Michelangelo finally returned to Florence and carved David, one of his most famous sculptures, because two other sculptures had been commission to do it, but failed.

Michelangelo died in February 18, 1564.



  • Carved David
  • Wrote over 300 poems and sonnets
  • Painted the inside of the Sistine Chapel
  • Carved the Pieta
  • Carved The Vattle of the Centaurs
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