Peyten Lyons

Economically television heavily influenced money growth in products. The U.S business doubled due to the growth of TV. Businesses used product demonstrations to encourage people to buy their products. TV also used demographic targeting to sell items. Demographic targeting allowed advertisers to reach specific audiences according to age, gender, income.

Socially TV was a huge convenience to families. The TV was a leisure activity to most families. With TV being so heavily watched the movie theater business was threatened because of the lack of attendance. Easy dinners were essential to having a relaxing tv night, so tv dinners were created at this time to accommodate families. One of the biggest tv shows at this time was I Love Lucy. The show incorporated a Cuban American actor that played the husband to Lucy. As shows like I Love Lucy became more and more popular the picture of the "perfect family" was created. The image of the "perfect family was important to people at this time.

Politically television helped grow campaigns. Debates could be televised and could give voters the chance to take a look at their candidates in action. This strategy took over the "front porch" idea that candidates used. A key example of this would be the Kennedy vs. Nixon debate that was televised. Some say that the people that listened to the debate on the radio would have thought nixon won, but if you were watching it on tv it was the exact opposite. Nixon was very ill that day and looked pale as sweat dripped down his face. Kennedy on the other hand was much more relaxed and looked the part of the president. Nixon was very fidgety and fell apart on tv. Campaigns could also edit commercials to televise and use short clips of people saying things about their candidate to help image.

Diplomatically tv impacted the views American people had of other countries. Russia was slaughtered over tv. Russian propaganda was spread all over tv which influenced the thoughts that Americans had on that country. At this time Germany was split in two and any movie that was released with weapons or ideas of weaponry was under heavy surveillance of the CIA to make sure that no country could take advantage of the U.S. At this time video games were also created. A specific game was called Red Alert that made Russia out to be the bad guy. Every country that was against America in the war was made out to be the bad guys and the good guys were the allies.