Mother: Leapordfoot

Father: Pinestar

Sisters: Nightkit and Mistkit

Mates: Goldenflower (Formerly),

Sasha (Formerly)

Sons: Tadpole, Bramblestar, and Hawkfrost

Daughters: Tawnypelt and Mothwing

Mentor: Thistleclaw

Apprentices: Darkstripe, Ravenpaw, and FireStar


Tigerstar is a big, tall, long-legged, sturdy, heavy,  lean, muscular, broad-shouldered, broad-chested  dark brown tabby tom with unusually long, sharp front claws,  powerful shoulder muscles, a thick pelt, hefty paws, a massive, broad head, a broad muzzle, sharp teeth, a long, thick tail, a pale muzzle and underbelly, and wide, pale amber eyes.  One of his ears is split in a deep "V" shape near the top, along with a scar on the bridge of his nose, and his pelt is criss-crossed with long battle scars.

About: When Tigerkit was born, along with his littermates, Mistkit and Nightkit, in Bluestar's Prophecy he is very curious. When his father is leaving he asked if it was true, his father was becoming a kitty pet, and his father replied yes and also stay strong without me, and take care of Leapordfoot for me too. Then when it is his apprentice ceremony, he is called Tigerpaw now, and his mentor...Thistleclaw. Then later on in his life him, Thistleclaw, and Bluefur go on a border patrol and find the tiny black kit named Tiny. Tiny mews hello and then Thistleclaw calls Tiny a trespasser and needs to be taught a lesson, so then he lets Tigerpaw, his apprentice deal with him, with a glare. Then Tigerpaw leaps at Tiny and bites and scratches him. Then as Tony is gravely injured Bluefur runs in front of Tiny and scolds both of the toms, saying that he was just a kit and didn't mean to. Then as they return Tigerpaw stumbles off muttering and ears down. Then at his warrior ceremony he becomes Tigerclaw, and all through out this apprenticeship he learned violence and brutal was best for a good warrior. Then later on he kills Redtail, and becomes deputy. Then when he says he has a message for her. Then Cinderpaw goes instead and injured her leg, causing to become a medicine cat. Then later on down his life living, he try's to kill BlueStar again and then is banished and becomes leader of ShadowClan. Then he brings BloodClan into the forest and then when Tigerstar try's to take control of  BloodClan, Scourge( before was Tiny ) and says to stop trying to take control then killing Tigerstar in revenge for what Tigerstar did to him in his childhood.

~Guys this is just part one for Tigerstar and  him in the First series and Bluestar's Prophecy~ Part Two Coming Soon!!!

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