I am currently reading the book Maniac Magee. This is about a boy who lost his parents at a very young age. After his parents die he is very very sad. Know he has to live with his aunt and uncle. He dose not like them very much. So he starts to run !!!!!!! He runs to a street called two mills where there is segregation. The blacks live on one side of the street and the whites live on another. Maniac dose not understand why there is segregation. Until one day he meets a friend named Amanda Beale. He meet Amanda Beale when she was running late to school.

I love the book Maniac Magee. In my opinion I think that there should be no segregation. This book is great because I love how maniac is kind of knowing why there is this problem. I think Maniac is a great character. I can't wait to see whats going to happen next.

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3 years ago

Jessie--this is a fairly solid summary. Make sure that your details are accurate--Two Mills is a town and the segregation affects each side of the town--not the street. Hector Street is the dividing line in the town. Reread your entry carefully--note the difference between "know" and "now" and "dose" and "does" and "meet" and "meets." Even after Maniac meets Amanda, he still doesn't understand why there is segregation. In fact, it confuses and confounds him even more because he can't imagine why anyone would not want to be friends with her and her family. See if you can find better words to use than "sad" and "great." Explain in more detail why you liked the book and why you think Maniac is a "great" character. Use details from the book to support your opinion. I'd also love to see you try to combine some of your sentences. You can use conjunctions like "but" and "so" to join complete sentences and subordinating conjunctions to join clauses with sentences.