Radiation in Radiography

Bayann Hamdan

Radiography is the study of the  visualization of the internal parts of the body using X-ray techniques.  Without radiation this field and x-ray would fail  to exist. Radiation is put into the body so that when you get an x-ray done doctors can get an accurate picture of your body. This may seem alarming, but scientist have advanced technologies so that the amount of radiation put in your body wont do much damage. With everything today there comes a risk and with radiography you may have a small chance of developing radiation related cancers later on in your life after an X-ray, CT scan,  MRI, PET, Ultrasound. Another risk is causing a disturbance in the growth or development of an embryo or fetus when performed on a pregnant patient.  The urgency of a patients condition outweighs the risks of cancer and defects.

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