Our HP Tablets Impact Student Learning

When you can record and playback, it impacts the learning environment.

Do your students take advantage of the RECORDING features on their HP tablet computers?  Here are some ways that you can encourage them to use it:

  • Students can read their papers, play it back, and then edit.  They'll be surprised at the difference it makes.
  • Students can record their ideas when they get stuck on something.  Sometimes talking it out will help "unstick" them, but even if not, it gives the teacher an indication of effort and a better starting point for assisting.
  • Students can record questions and ideas they have as they read or work on a project.
  • Students can record reflections on reading homework.  (Teachers can listen and grade, if needed, but note that it is a differen product and may be better suited for some students - and you might hear their passion come alive.)

Consider if there is a way for your students to use recording...

  • to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • to think out loud.
  • to show progress.

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