My last trip to Mancora

Escape From The Routine

Last year in November I had a lot of work and I was so stressed and tired . when suddenly a close friend of mine told the great idea to go to Mancora and I immediately say yes . So we immediately bought the tickets to Mancora and we stay there just the weekend.

I supposed to would arrive at 7 pm to Piura, but the flight was delayed so we arrived two hours later. We arrived at midnight Mancora, only slept that night, the next day would start the fun.

I already gone to mancora so many time but this one was so amazing I had a lot of fun with my Friends at beach , we also had party and we met people from another country. I have the opportunity to ride a horse , I had never ride a horse before and it was really amazing.I had a wonderful time with my Friends from an unexpected trip to mancora and i think that the better experiences come from the unexpected plans.

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