The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian
Andrew Handley

Tough Questions

Why did the doctor think that Indians did not feel as much pain as white people? I mean didn't the doctor see the pain I was in from not receiving enough Novocain? Also who is he to be so prejudice? Also apparently we only need dental visits once a year, and how horrible it is to get all the extra teeth out in one day. Why is there so much prejudice against Indians. It is this this is one of the many tough questions that has many complicated answers.

Words of the wiser

As I read, it is clear that Mr. P is a pivotal character. Especially when he states to junior that "You can't give up. You won't give up. You threw that book in my face because somewhere inside you refuse to give up". Also that he wants to see Junior succeeded because of his attitude. So, Mr. P feels regret for his old way of thinking, and is confident in Junior. Also it is clear Mr. P is determined to never let Junior give up. Which is helping Junior survive at Reardan.

Again and again

The one , of many, major issues that keep showing up is prejudice. Like how Mr. P told Junior that at first he was told to kill Indian culture. Also the example when Junior's father went to Reardan, and was pulled over for DWI(driving while Indian).  The author is really emphasizing how much courage Junior has. Since it is already clear that Juniors hardships aren't over. Also there was the racist nicknames he received at Reardan. Also when Mr. Grant called out his real name, and the whole class laughed.

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