Hows that boooy

As I sway side to side I glance at my opponent. I feel nervous because she clenched the ball in her hand and racket. She licks her lips like she’s going to crush me into a million little pieces. I catch a glimpse of fire in her eyes. All of a sudden she raises her racket and throws the ball in the air and takes a huge swing at it.

She scrunches her face as she smashed the ball towards me. In a split second I gaze straight at the ball I describe it in my head. I reply to myself the ball is fresh green,hairy,hard and soft. I witness my sweat dive from my face. When it hits the ground I zoom out and tense my muscles in my arms and legs. I swing my racket back and take a powerful swing straight to the ball. I hit the hard green tennis ball. I feel a huge shock go through my racket and up to my hands. I smile with a joyful feeling in my head because I know she won't be able to smack the ball straight back at me because I smashed it so hard that I couldn't see the ball.

I catch a glimpse of the ball spiraling into her face. Suddenly I hear Aaaaaa the crowd makes a gasping sound as she screams. At first I felt confident and happy. But when she turned around on the ground. I felt nervous and guilty because I wounded her. She had a missing tooth and a bloody nose . I tried to apologise to her but she cried so loud that not one person in the crowd heard me. I won the game but not the fame. Everyone got their hands on their faces like a monkey yelling his face off. Some people in the crowd said I did it on purpose. I tried to say I didn't. But they didn't believe me.

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