Which Behaviors are Conscious and Unconscious?

in Oedipus Rex, Scars, and Digital Media

Examples in Oedipus Rex

In this play, Oedipus' unconscious actions were marrying and sleeping with his mom and killing his dad. His conscious actions were leaving Corinth because he feared the that the Oracle's prophecy was about his adoptive parents.

Examples in "Scars"

In the poem, the narrator accidently smacks his dad with a baseball bat, which was unconscious. The conscious action in this poem is his parents deciding to be divorced.

Examples in Mean Girls

New girl, Cady Heron, becomes friends with some "outsiders" of her school. they plan to take down the Plastics. Once she was accepted, Cady unconsciously started betraying her real friends.

Examples in Project X

Three guys want to throw an unforgettable party. That was their conscious thought. But as they get high and intoxicated, their actions become unconscious.

Grown Ups

Lenny's kids are not conscious to not using modern technology all the time. When the families get to the lake house, one of his kids asked "what's the big box attached to the back of the TV?". They were only used to flat screen televisions.

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