Leaders must always check others work in addition to their own. In a team you are only as strong as your weakest chain. Which means that everyone needs to stand up for the man behind him. Cardale Jones is the quarterback who finished with the Buckeyes this year , and won a championship. Cardale is really a third string back up . But after both the first and second string quarterbacks , Cardale had to step up to the occasion and not give up. Showing his endurance , he matured with the team and led them to a championship. Ending the season with only three career starts.

A soldier must stay strong for their family and the people fighting next to them. Endurance keeps the people behind you going. Showing that you are strong and independent is a very important leadership trait.

During a tough mudder challenge , people encounter a wall. As you can see some people decide to stay back and help others up. Without leaving anyone behind. These people show that they are strong and willing to help the man behind them.


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