Move to Constantinople

Sunny, Magic, Constantinople

Constantinople is located in Turkey between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea!

Move to the Capital of the Greek Orthodox Church

Are you a devoted person who worships the Greek Orthodox religion? Do you want to move to the capital of your religion? Then come move to Constantinople, Turkey! This town was freshly updated thanks to our patriarch Justinian! We just rebuilt and built new bridges, public baths, parks, roads, churches, and hospitals! We're such a wealthy city that we have our own SEWER SYSTEM!

Skyline of Constantinople!

We're not just a beautiful wealthy city, but we're also a safe city! We have miles of walls surrounding our city so now attackers can get in. Are you worried about attack by sea? Don't worry we have it covered with a chain so only the people we want can come in!

Our government has just updated our laws so your governed fairly. Our amazing patriarch Justinian got rid of all those old and confusing laws! He replaced them with laws that help women's property rights!

This is the Hagia Sophia church located in Constantinople.

Of course you would want to move here for the religion! Our beautiful newly updated city includes amazing new churches, one of them being the Hagia Sophia.

One of our fesitvals with all of the people of the city!

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