Wrong Turn

Hey. I love you. Wait. I don't think you really understand. You have the idea that I am unpredictable and dynamic. That we are so opposite and our personality contradicts. That you are so scared because you don't know how you can keep up with me. But what you don’t understand is that the way that I love you is much deeper than that. The way that I love you isn't like choosing to love you. Because we can't choose the person to fall in love with. I know you love me. I am not delusional here. I can genuinely feel it. The way you look at me. The way you smile at me. The way you say my name. I love everything about you. Your poker face. The way you raised your eyebrows. The way you explain things I am not aware of. And I think you are awesome with your flaws and with your gray shirt or even with your black suit.

What if there's no wrong and no right? What if there's no distance between us? What if there's just you and me? So many questions and confusion. But I want to love you for a long time, the kind that doesn't run or over analyze how it could work. . I want to love every single unfinished and incomplete thing about you. I want to love you more than you deserve.

You know you belong with me. But I will understand if you choose her over me. Cause you deserve to be happy. And I want you to be happy. I know I deserve the best. But if I did, why can't I have you? As of now, I just wanna enjoy the ride. The magic and hoping for some twist of fate. And if it won't happen, I'll find you again. Maybe in another cosmos. Maybe in another lifetime.