Weimar Republic, which emerged following the fall of the monarchy in November 1918 and the January 1919 elections to the German National Assembly, which was to draw up a constitution. To a certain extent the institution of the monarchy simply persisted in a different form: The office of Reich President, who was elected by the people, came with such powers that there was very quickly talk of a “substitute Emperor” or a “replacement Emperor”.

Adolf Hitler first wanted to be a painter. He enrolled in art school but got denied.

He was a messenger in ww1 in the front lines of the trenches.

He was almost shot by a frenchmen but out of the kindness of his heart the frenchmen didn't shoot

He was poisoned by mustard gas and lost his vision for a little bit. During the duration of his stay the armistice was put into action.

He rose through the ranks of the Nazi party by one powerful speech about Germany. He gained followers and tried to over-though the government by on march from Munich to Berlin. He fail and was caught in a fire fight with the military and was arrested and thrown an jail for 9 months where he wrote Mein Kampf or my struggle.  

After his jail sentence he grew his party up then when the great depression hit he struck. The was awarded the title of Chancellor. Then the parliament building was set ablaze. Hitler blamed the communists and asked to have emergency power. The president agreed. He got rid of all the other political parties.  A month after the president died. He took control of all of Germany after that.  

This is showing the German people that the enemy is the Jews because a German is stabbing the Holy Bible.

All Hitler is saying is that Germans are the best and we must do everything for our country and when we struggle it only makes us stronger. He's yelling these things and he's hyping up the crowd with his very particular placement of his words.

Hitler would soon invade Poland and the rest is history. He would die in Berlin with his wife (marriage only lasted one day), with the Soviets closing in on the city.

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