Debbie Phelps

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class
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Debbie Phelps was born in the year 1951

Significant Events in History that Affected Debbie's Life

  • Her mom died
  • She had all three kids Michael, Hillary, and Whitney
  • Michael went to the 2000 Olympics

Debbie's Childhood

Debbie's childhood was full of wonders and adventurers. She had so much fun with her three other siblings. Amy was the oldest, then Donna, next herself, l her younger brother BJ.

People Who influenced Debbie's Life

  • Her mom and Dad
  • Brother and Sisters
  • Michael
  • Whitney
  • Hilary

Unique Facts

  1. Every one of her sisters were born seven years apart except her brother B.J
  2. Debbie can't really cook
  3. Debbie's nickname was Susie
  4. Debbie had three other siblings
  5. Debbie grew up in the west

Debbie's accomplishments

  • Debbie had three kids
  • She served as State Secretary
  • She was crowned Archive queen
  • Michael was announced as a member of the 2000 Olympic team
  • Debbie went to the Sydney Opera House for the first time

The theme of Debbie's life is..

Just be happy and do what makes you happy. Always support your family and love them for who they are. Also, to stand up for what is right and get those accomplishments that you always wanted and never let them slip out of your hand.

Debbie's words of advice and what She has taught me

  • " We learn from our mistakes and we can still celebrate our successes".
  • "Do what you are good at Michael, just make sure you are happy with what you chose".
  • "Listen to you own heart, and Don't be rushed to do anything".

Debbie has taught me to do what i want to do and be happy with my choices even if I make a mistake you can still celebrate what you did. When the time comes and you have children of your own, love them and support the choices that they make to.

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