All Real Estate Agents Make Too Much Money

True or False?

All Real Estate Agents Make Too Much Money

False.  You will find that about half the agents in any large brokerage close less than four deals a year. Nobody can live on that. Not once office fees are paid, MLS fees and lockbox fees are deducted, overhead and expenses for the agent are deducted, errors & omissions insurance and office supplies are paid. Unsold or expired listings, the agents actually loss money on them.

Agents Must Show You Homes On Demand

False. Unless you have a signed contract with an agent or that agent represents the seller, that agent you call doesn't have to show you anything. You can't call a local real estate office and demand service or demand to be shown homes, because agents don't work for free.

If you aren't planning on writing an offer with the agent you call, be upfront or don't waste that agent's time. But don't expect that agent -- who is likely to earn nothing -- to be too excited about jumping in the car with you.

Nor is the Listing agent obligated to show you a listing if you are represented by another Realtor without a request from that Realtor.

The Less Commission You Pay to Sell, The More you Make

False. Discount brokers like to propel this myth. They claim to save sellers money by charging less. The truth is agents who are top producers and excel in this business do not discount services. Why? Because they don't have to.

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