Map Skip Tutorial!

Connecting to the world!
This tool is an interactive map where people can leave their personal stories on the map.

                                                                          Map Skip

1. Click  on the "Map Skip" Link to get started.

2. Create and Account at the link on the top right hand corner.

3. Once you create an account you can zoom in below to any country and click on any hand and read someone's personal story from that country.  Like I did below. This person was raised in Cha Dianzi, China.

4. Next you can click on any country and write about your own experience and publish for others to see like I did below.

Reasons to love Map Skip

                                                                   Super Simple

                               The ability to connect with others from around the world

Students are able to read stories about people that visit or live in different countries.

                           Teachers can use this tie this in to any type of learning activity