My Reflections on Humanizing My Class

This How To Humanize Your Online Course gave me some great practical strategies and tools for adding more humanizing elements to online courses.  For example, I really liked creating the bumper videos in Animoto.  I can see using Animoto for an engaging "Course Intro" videos.  I also thought of another use for Animoto.  Currently I use a text-based "Wordle" image at the start of each learning unit to introduce students to the topic/themes we cover in each section.  Now I am thinking that creating brief, engaging Animoto videos would even be a better way of visually connecting students to the content in each unit/module.  Great tools!

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2 years ago

Hello, there. I think this is Eileen (?). :) Animoto can get addicted can't it? Be sure you upgrade your account to a free classroom account. It will allow you to create videos without a watermark that are full-length. Here is the link.

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2 years ago

Thanks Michelle. Yes, this is Eileen Stuyniski, I guess I should have used my first and last name as my user name to make it clear. I had gone through and signed up for the education account and reposted the tackk yesterday. I think I may have reposted the old link to my tackk or something because I swear the watermark was removed? I will have to check that out again. Thanks again for a great class! You are a very well organized and responsive facilitator!!!