Hungry , Hungry  Lice!

There once was a very dirty place called the trenches of France. These trenches were filled with disease, filth and most importantly LICE!

One of the many lice that resides here is named Larry. Larry was a full grown lice and fed off of the soldier's blood during WWI. Larry loved to live in the trenches because it made it easy for him to jump from soldier to soldier and always stay full!

One day, Larry was happily feeding on a soldier when all of a sudden he was flung off and landed in a big pile of dirt. "How rude!" Larry thought to himself. Larry then looked up to see the soldier he was just on before had taken off his shirt and was soaking it in hot water. "Ha, nice try!" Larry squeaked, he knew that no matter how hard the soldier tried, he could never get rid of Larry.

Larry screamed when he saw a huge foot come stomping down next to him! The soldiers foot was all wrinkled and looked unhealthy. Larry knew that this condition was called trench foot and a lot of the soldiers in the trenches had it. Trench foot was a caused by standing in the wet trenches for long periods of time.

Larry jumped up onto the soldier with the trench foot and began feeding. This soldier also started to unclothe, to wash away the filth from his clothing. Larry fell to the dirty ground once again but this time he saw a huge rat run by. Frightened, Larry jumped frantically and landed on the rat. The rat then ran to a soldier laying on his back and began to scratch at him. Larry realized that the rat was trying to find a home in this human! Larry then thought it was a good idea to find another place to feed.

Larry looked up and saw a soldier eating some sort of meat, which didn't look to good. The soldier didn't seem to mind though, he was enjoying the little food the soldiers get. Larry has seen the men bring in big crates of food meant for the soldiers, and one time he had even followed the crates. The crates came from other trenches and so on and so on. The crates full of food were given to the soldiers from the other humans that live in the wooden buildings. This food was old and didn't look very appetizing. Larry was glad he always had a supply of food, wherever the humans went, Larry went!

Larry decided that after a long day of feeding he should rest. He saw a nearby soldier line of soldiers and decided to jump onto one of them. The line of soldiers were actually leading to a huge vat of hot water, but Larry wasn't aware of that. The soldiers use this hot water vats to soak in and kill all the lice and other bacteria on them. Larry was cozying up on the soldiers neck when all of a sudden he felt steaming hot water. Larry was in the hot water vat! Larry had heard of these his entire life, but never thought they were real! Larry was being engulfed in hot water and slowly began to slip into unconsciousness. Larry was never heard from again!

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