Ocean Ballad

With bags all packed, ‘twas time to leave
Safety at Sea Weekend
Learned safety drills I’ll never need
I sure do miss a sleep-in

The journey home would be a pain
Stuck on this smelly boat
If only we could take a plane
Not sea sick and afloat

Nevertheless goodbyes were said
To people on the dock
Oahu’s land, all grey and red
I will not miss this rock

We were like that of Gilligan
Treading on the water
A boat trip I’d say would begin
In an August summer

About four days, the Skipper said,
That we’d be under way
Truth was no one would see their bed
For many more a days

The weather showed signs of a storm
We all felt so alone
A broken GPS did warn
We were not going home

The food was running out too fast
With nothing we could do
Desperately Skip turned the mast
Out to the open blue

We kept on sailing to the south
Without a sign of land
Then came upon a river mouth
With waves so calm and grand.
When I thought we’d been saved for sure
Waves tossed and turned our boat
Loud thunder rang, and tossed us more
It was to take a vote

Who wants to try and make the shore?
Who wants to run away?
“Don’t run,” said Skip. “You’ve done before
This task on safety day.”

We sailed in haste; at last we docked
On this unknown beach
From that point on, I would not mock
The safety drills we keep

Lila DeTreaux,