Top Ten Sites Review

by Jacqueline Walter

     I have really enjoyed learning and using many of the new technologies in this class.  I can now make curriculum themed webpages that my students can access and use.  I use my livebinder on a regular basis now.  Placing all the educational websites I use in one forum is extremely helpful to me.  It saves me tons of time when planning lessons.  Its easy to add on more information and looking forward to making assignment binders for my students.   I liked blendspace as well, but need to revisit that site.  I will most likely add many of the pages I created to a live binder. Also, there were a lot of sites you suggested that I can use to reinforce and teach activities that support the common core standards.

List of goals:  To continue using many of these web pages, share with colleagues, and make more lessons using technologies I have learned.

Here are my livebinder and blendspace links.


Access key for private binder: kitten

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