Lexus Warren

Photography Portfolio


I love taking photos of sunsets and I really love how this one in particular turned out.


This is a nice portrait of my cat Esther that I took when she was laying outside on the porch. I saw her laying in this position and I knew I had to take a photo of her.

My View

I was laying on the ground one day and thought that this would be a nice angle to take a photo. It also has good detail of the bricks.

Esther's Portrait

I decided to take some photos of my cat, Esther because she is very photogenic. I really love the colors of this photo, especially the colors in her eyes.


For an "elements and viewpoints" project in photojournalism, I took a photo of some rocks I found. I like the angle of this photo and the bright effect on the photo.

Welcome to Golinda

I was walking down the street trying to find something to take photos of and I came across a street sign on the side of the road. I really like the angle of this photo, and the sky looks beautiful in the back. I also added a lens flare in Photoshop to bring out the effect of the sun on the picture.


For our portraits project in photojournalism, I took this nice photo of my little sister. I really like how the lighting of the sun is hitting her face.


I suggested to my sister about taking some "spring" photos. Since we have a field of bluebonnets in our backyard, I took a classic "bluebonnet photo" of her. I love the bright colors of this photo and how her dress matches her flowers.

Nature's Contrast

This photo was taken on a very bright day. I love the contrast of this photo. I love how both the sky and the grass look with the tree. I used the "rule of thirds" in this shot.

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