Seat belts on buses

Seat belt project. Cailynne Garrett Delilah Roger

Do we need seat belts on school buses? My group and I believe it is unnecessary for school buses to have seat belts on the bus. Here are some of the reasons we don't think it is necessary;

In the state of Texas there has been only one fatality in a bus accident. By these statistics school buses are more safe than a regular car. It is proven that there are more accidents coming to and from school in a regular car then there is in a school bus.

Another reason is that we don't think kids would even wear the seat belts. Sense the seats are so close together there is no reason to have seat belts. The seats are padded in the back so even if the bus was in an accident the kids would hit the backs of the seat and not get severely injured. If in an accident and the bus happens to catch on fire and a seat belt is locked and the child cant get out how do you expect seat belts to be safer?

In an accident when the bus hits another object how would the seat belts help small children? They wouldn't because the three point seat belt will go behind the head so if something jerks the child forward there will be nothing stopping them except the the seat in front of them, so whats the point in having them if the something is going to happen to the children without the seat belts?

In conclusion My group and I don't believe that it is necessary for school buses to have seat belts. It will not help the younger children that actually need the support of the seat belt.