Brenda Ellis

I have five siblings their names are Heather, Mariah, Cassie, Katie, and Zachary. I like to swim and read and listen to music. I may seem quiet at first but once you get to know me I never shut up.

3 things about me

Ice Cream

I love ice cream. I like Cookie Dough, Mint, Chocolate, Panda Paws, and more. People say ice cream makes people hyper, but for me it does the opposite. It makes me fall asleep faster at night and makes me calmer during the day.


I love bands like Evanescence and Breaking Benjamin. I love them because i can relate to their songs. I listen to their music because it helps me with stress and dealing with my family.

Anime quotes

I personally love this quote because I don't have many friends and everyone says I need to be more social. I don't want to be though. I'm happier with only a few true friends then 100 fake ones that don't even care about me.

My Goals

My first goal is to marry someone who loves me one day. My second goal is to spend a month with my cousins Pam and Nancy in North Carolina. My third goal is to own the house I live when I'm older for my children, if I have or adopt any. These goals are important because I want to be happy when I'm older and give children the same thing my parents gave me, a family and a childhood.

Place i want to visit

I wanna go to Connecticut because one of my very good friends lives there and I wanna go visit them.

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