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gazebo in historic down-town charleston, sc

south Carolina one of the original 13 colonies was settled by the English in 1670 (buschman, winberry). the colony (originally called Carolina) contained all of north and south Carolina. in 1729 the colony was divided into two provinces north Carolina and south Carolina (buschman, winberry). Charleston was originally the capital of south carolina, but it was changed to Columbia on may 14, 1786 ( south Carolina became the eighth state of the union on may 23, 1788 ( December 1860 south carolina seceded from the union, joined by ten other states they formed the confederate states of america. the civil war lasted until 1865 (buschman, winberry).

          south carolina government is set up in branches. the governor, the chief of the                 executive branch serves a four year term and is limited to a second consecutive               term. the governor can veto legislative bills. the legislative branch is made up of               the senate and house of representatives. senators serve four year terms, and                   representatives serve two year terms. the legislature writes legislative bills and                 laws. the judicial branch contains all south carolina courts, they enforce the law                 (buschman, winberry).

major issues in south carolina include a high percentage of people living in poverty (buschman, winberry). The violent crime rate is also an issue in south carolina it has exceeded the national average since 1975 ( the south carolina economy in 2000 shows 24% trade, 22% service, 19% manufacturing, 17% government, 6% construction, and 10% other sectors (


south carolina's climate is subtropical, the average July low is 70-80, and the average winter temperature varies from 38-50. south carolina can be split into three geological sections: the blue ridge mountains in the west, Piedmont center, coastal plain east (buschman, winberry). south carolina is bordered by north carolina to the north, Georgia to the west, and the Atlantic ocean to the east.

atlantic ocean from sullivan's island, sc

sc population 2013: 4,774,839. white 68.3%, black 27.9%, hispanic 5.3%, and asian 1.5% (


sc land area 2010: 30,060.7 square miles (

sc nickname: palmetto state

sc state tree: palmetto tree

sc state flower: yellow jessamine

sc state bird: carolina wren


columbia, south carolina is home to the riverbanks zoo.

bear exhibit riverbanks zoo columbia, sc

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