Chris Kyle

By: Tyler F. and Zaliah H.

Chris Kyle ~ A Hero

Christopher Scott Kyle was born April 8, 1974 and died February 2, 2013

Chris Kyle was a U.S Navy Seal and one of the most deadliest snipers.

His nickname was " the devil of Ramadi"

Chris Kyle was a Navy Seal

He was one of the most efficient Navy seals. He killed 160 enemy combatants in Iraq.

Chris was only 38 when he passed.

Kyle's friend Eddie Routh  shot Kyle while when he was helping a veteran shoot

He was born in Odessa, Texas

Chris Kyle served The U.S for his people for more than 10 years killing an amazing amount of people that were planning to affect the U.S. Chris Kyle is a hero, and he always will be. Its unfortunate how he passed and that he did but he will be missed.  

The End

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