By: Maddy Clary


A Nancy Drew Mystery Story
Book 1 of the series
By: Carolyn Keene

This is the first book out of the series.

Main and secondary Characters:

Nancy: is a brave, curious, young girl who takes interest in the Crowley case. She also has a kind heart, she takes Alison to go have singing lessons. She is the main character who takes the case on the Crowley will.

Turner sisters: They are kind people in need of money.They also start Nancy on the adventure of the missing will.

Judy Turner: Nice girl who loves playing with Nancy after she saved her from falling off a bridge. She is the reason Nancy talks to the sisters and finds out about the will.

Mr.Drew: Kind, cunning, man who's a lawyer and helps Nancy on the case.

Allison: A beautiful singer with a heart full of hope. Also Allison and her sister encourages Nancy more determined to get the will.

Grace: Kind girl who has to take care of Allison since their parents are died.

Ada: She's a snotty rich girl who's jealous of Nancy and makes she her life is miserable. Her sister and her are the reason why Nancy got started on the case if they didn't cause the problem and everyone got their share on money Nancy wouldn't be trying to help them.

Isabel: She's just like her sister ,Ada, and always stays by her sister's side. Also makes sure Nancy's life is miserable.

Josiah Crowley: A kind person but gave his fortune to Ada and Isabel! He's also plays a big part in the story for a dead man.

Fred and William: Are brothers (twins) and Josiah's cousins. They are mostly kind to visitors. They really give Nancy more hope to find the will because she sees how many people are victims of the Crowley case.

Abby Rowen: She's an old lady who can't remember much but is lots of help to Nancy on where the clock might be located.

This story takes place out in the country and out in the city,  sometimes. The story is in the year 1930.The story is about Nancy trying to find a later will for these two sisters who Nancy just saved their niece and were going broke. It all starts when she's driving along and sees a little girl, about 7 years old, running out in front of her car and leans back and falls of a bridge. Nancy runs to save her and the girl is fine and Nancy finds out her name is Judy! Her aunts, the Turner sisters, thank her and tell her about the of Josiah Crowley and how he promised to mention them in his will and how they weren't mentioned which made them curious. Josiah Crowley said he'd mention the Turners, Grace and Allison, and also his cousins in his will when he died but he gave everything to Ada and Isabel!! Nancy is trying to find a later will and if there is one but she runs into a lot of trouble in the city. Nancy will do anything it takes to find the will and give money to the Turners so Judy can get an education, Grace and Allison so they can pay for food and pay for singing lessons, also so Fred and William can pay to travel to different places. Abby Rowen also needs the money to pay to live in an old folks home and also get life insurance. None of these people were mentioned in the will and they were all promised the same thing. Before he died he stayed with Ada and Isabel and Nancy thinks they have something to do with it. She thinks they might of persuaded him to give it all to them or they switched the wills. She later finds out from Abby the will has something to do with an old clock Josiah owned.

Nancy goes on many adventures to find the will but where will she find it?  Will she find it? You'll have to find out and read the book to see if Nancy gets the will and if she finds it.

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