Spirituality and the Ottawa River

Ottawa River

Faith, on the other hand, by revealing the love of God the Creator, enables us to respect nature all the more and to discern in it a grammar written by the hand of God and a dwelling place entrusted to our protection and care. Faith also helps us to devise models of development which are based not simply on utility and profit, but consider creation as a gift for which we are all indebted; it teaches us to create just forms of government, in the realization that authority comes from God and is meant for the service of the common good. Faith likewise offers the possibility of forgiveness, which so often demands time and effort, patience and commitment
Pope Francis(6/29/13, no. 55)

The City's Perspective

The City of Ottawa has three types of sewers; wastewater, storm water, and combined.
All wastewater is treated before being put back into the river.  Storm water is not treated and released into the river.  Combined water systems are found in older neighbourhoods and the City has approved a plan to separate the two.  In the plan, the City is increasing the number of catch basins for storm waters to reduce overflow.  In the process they are adding valves and meters to accurately measure water quantities and pre-empt overflows.
"The practice of discharging overflows during the normal operation of combined sewer systems is accepted by the Ministry of the Environment. In Ottawa, these events are monitored and reported to the Ministry of Environment and downstream users, such as water purification plants and special interest groups."

A Franciscan Spirituality of the Earth

His inspiring model for this "engagement" in the world, showing compassion for the most vulnerable, seeking justice, and understanding the whole created order as interrelated.

Thinking points

Be humble before nature and allow ourselves to be in awe of it, respect it as opposed to feel the need to control it, to be dominant towards it.

Two people sitting on a picnic table taking in the calm of the river

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