Would You Walk Twenty-One Miles Everyday?
February 5, 2015

This is James Robertson.

How long does it take you to get to either work or school when you use a car? The average commute time of the United States, is 25.4 minutes according to the U.S. Census Bureau. James Robertson, a fifty-six year old male, spends 16.5 times that amount just on his walk to work, the same place where he has a perfect attendance. Everyday he has to face a commute of twenty-one miles, not too bad if you have a car, but this isn't the case. He has to walk that trek, plus a six mile bus ride.

Many people have heard of this man's achievement, but one man stood out with his generosity and time. Evan Leedy is a 19 year old man who made a website where people could donate money for James to buy a car. On Monday the second during the afternoon, $62,444 were raised for the sake of James and his long commute. Near his house, a car dealership is already letting him pick any car he wants to use for free. What a nice day for James Robertson!

Based on the credit given to both of these inspiring people, the prediction can be made that people will want the fame these people received and will try to help others in extraordinary ways just for the credit and popularity.

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This shows the views and quotes from the people around him more than the other newst

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www.businessinsider.com James Robertson's Commute Everyday
www.people.com Here is the man who walks 21 miles a day (right) and the student who created the website to raise over $230k just for him.
http://insider.foxnews.com This proves that his story has made it nationwide!
www.businessinsider.com This is the website page made to help him
This is James Robertson on his daily commute. www.cnn.com
whyweprotest.net This is the website used to raise the money for James' car.


This link has statistics and information on Highland Park, Michigan. This is a place where James has to walk through.


The website used to raise money for Robertson's car.

Here you can see why he walks to work everyday.


This explains why he is so fit and why we should walk too.