8 Facts About Our Atmosphere

By: Gabi Ryan

The atmosphere is a very important part of our way of life and it's the reason we are all still here today.

#1. The Atmosphere Gives Us Just The Right sunlight

The Atmosphere allows just the right amount of sunlight we need and blocks some sunlight from the sun so we don't die.

#2. Keeps Space Junk Away

There is a lot of meteors and other kinds of space junk the sometimes try to hit earth but the atmosphere destroys them before they do damage. Who knows how many times our atmosphere has kept earth from turning into a planet that once was earth.

#3. The Higher You Go In Our Atmosphere The Less Pressure There Is

The higher you go in our atmosphere the less pressure there is. Some people think the higher you go the more pressure is coming down on you but it's actually the opposite.

#4. There Are Many Different Temperatures The Higher You Go

The higher you go up a mountain we all know it gets colder but not a lot of people know what goes on after that. Well at first it gets cold and soon it gets warmer, then there is a big change because it goes to freezing and the to HOT. It can get up to 2000 degrees.

#5. The Atmosphere Provides Us With The Oxygen We Need To Survive

The atmosphere provides us with the oxygen we need to live on this planet. Without it we would all run out of air and die.

#6. Oxygen Gets Denser The Higher Up You Are

The higher up you go the less air there is to breathe. That's why people bring oxygen takes when they climb a mountain or go to space. If you don't have an oxygen tank or something else you could die if you go to high.

#7. Our Planets Gravity Saved Us

Without our planets gravity the atmosphere would have drifted of into space. Earths gravity stopped the gasses in our atmosphere to stay around us and protect us.

#8. The Atmosphere Causes A Change In Weather

The atmosphere causes a change in the weather. That's what the troposphere is there for. It gives us weather and without it. It would be HOT! during the day and freezing at night.

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