Metal Detectors – Ensuring Safety

Although it used to be common for average folks to only encounter walk through metal detectors in the airport, these handy self defence tools are growing in both convenience and popularity. What is the benefit of metal detectors and why are we seeing the hand-held X-ray security detector used more and more in everyday life?

Metal detectors are one of the effective and efficient self defence tools because they, more than any other item, have the power to disarm an attacker and stop the problem before it occurs. Metal detectors are the ultimate in non-violent protection and their growing popularity is a strong step towards increased safety. More on security apparatus .

History of the Metal Detector

These fascinating devices first came into use in the 19th century and have certainly come a long way thanks to creative innovation and invention. Using electromagnetic induction, metal detectors create a magnetic field when they come in contact with a metallic object. This field allows the detector to emit a high-pitched sound, revealing the presence of a metal object, and often pointing to its direct location.

Hand Held or Walk Through metal detector door?

Unless you are looking to guard a large entrance that has a high volume of traffic, it is most likely that a hand held metal detector will be the choice for your needs. As a more economical option than the walk through models, hand held metal detectors are perfect for determining whether a visitor, intruder, or suspicious stranger is carrying a concealed weapon.

Which Manufacturer

The model and manufacturer that you select will depend on your specific needs and your security budget. Of course, as with all self defence items, it is important to remember that is not a time to be thrifty.

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One of the most highly recommended manufacturers of metal detectors is Adams Electronics. Metal detector reviews consistently show that consumers prefer Adams Metal Detectors based on price, value, and reliability.

Adams Electronics is dedicated to manufacturing a full product line of metal detectors, which means that consumers are able to select the perfect product specifications for their needs. Whether you require a general purpose model for everyday use or a super sensitive model for more hostile situations, Adams metal detectors are renowned for detecting the smallest metal objects – including those that are concealed within the human body.

In fact, Adams Electronics was the first company to introduce the original hand held metal detector, the Adams Metal Detector model B100. This self defence tool was first released to the market in 1965 and its launch has created the foundation on which Adams Metal Detectors' reputation has been built.

The reality is that you already trust Adams Metal Detectors every day. These are the same detectors that are protecting our airports and ensuring that prison inmates remain inside and weapon free.

Quit taking security chances. Metal detectors stop a potentially hostile situation before it even occurs, by locating concealed weapons and allowing you to either confiscate them or remove yourself from a dangerous situation. Moreover, metal detectors are proven to deter criminal activity because would-be attackers know that you are not going to be an easy victim. People think twice about concealing weapons once they realize that they will be caught – and with an Adams Metal Detector, they will be caught.

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