5 Online Safety Tips

                                                  1.DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS

-You should always know who your talking to!!!!!! You should never agree to meet strangers in private places Always have an adult you trust be Involved.

                                                 2.HOW TO DEAL WITH BULLIES

-Don't let them bother you ignore them if that doesn't work get a adult you trust involved with the issue.

                                                 3.ALWAYS USE YOUR HEAD

-Don't post things online if you're going to regret it! You should never post anything inappropriate because things stay online forever.

                                        4.DON'T GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFO

-You never know who you are dealing with online be careful with personal information all you know is  the may be some creep trying to get little kids.

                                                         5.BE NICE ONLINE

-Always be respectful online you don't wan't to get kicked off of whatever and you don't want to be a jerk to other people.

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