5 Mobile apps that can be used in a grade 12 classroom

Module 9 - Mobile Learning

On this Tackkboard I will explain 5 mobile apps that can be used in a grade 12 classroom.


This mobile app is great because it allows students to study on their own time and pace on their mobile devices. In this day and age most students have their own mobile device and are constantly on it, it makes sense to give them the option to study their school work. This app lets you create flash cards and quizzes. This link will bring you to the Mob21 website.


This mobile app is free and and allows the students to create a website or blog. The students can also use this website to work on any assignments that involve using a word program. This is a link to the WordPress website.


This mobile app is similar to the Mob21 app, it allows the students to access to the content taught in class. This app allows students to design and deliver content to their students and is very easy to use. This app gives the teacher the option to create a topic, lesson, quiz, exam, and poll. This is a link to the LearnCast website.

Hot Lava Mobile:

This mobile app is an efficient way to connect with your students or other teachers or parents. This app is more for business needs, but it can apply to a classroom, it is a very good app to organize what's going on in the classroom. This is a link to Hot Lava Mobile

OnPoint Digital's Cell Cast:

This mobile app allows teachers to create and deliver mobile content directly, it can also track students progress and test scores. This is a link to OnPoint Digital's Cell Cast.

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