Despoil: to violently remove or steal possessions.

"The cat despoiled my delicious tuna sandwich away from me with it's deadly claws."

Dumb-show: gestures used to convey a message without words.

"The kids put on a dumb-show as a game to play."

Doleful: mournful

"The doleful scene as the funeral brought tears to many."

Corroborate: to give support to.

"The fans corroborated the team as they played, scoring another point."

Assented: to express approval

"The boss assented Mr. Smith's idea of firing everyone in the building."

Vexation: being annoyed, frustrated or worried.

"I cried out in vexation as my car fish-tailed again."

Steadfast(ly): unwavering.

"He was steadfast on his decision, pushing that they needed a new furnace."

Lamentation: passionate expression of sorrow.

"Lamentation made it's way through the movie theater crowd as everyone's favorite character died again."

Infamous: well known for a bad quality or deed.

"The student was infamous for breaking the window of the school and letting in wild animals."

Caricaturing: to make a funny or disgusting exaggerated impression of someone.

"She began caricaturing her father as he yelled at her."

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