Autonomous University of Sinaloa

Autonomous University of Sinaloa

in the university city of Culiacan three hits and three outputs for cars, pedestrians are six

there are 14 faculties and different engineering degrees:

Faculty of Accounting and Administration

law school

Faculty of Economics

School of Psychology

School of Dentistry

School of Biology

Faculty of Earth Sciences

School of Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

Faculty of Civil Engineering

mathematical physicist faculty

Faculty of Architecture

Faculty of Informatics

Faculty of History

Faculty of Philosophy and Letters

in classrooms of all faculties there is something that identifies them to be equal, which is the color they are painted, there is a green color on the bottom half of each wall, and the upper half color skin

In each faculty there are different furnishings in each classroom for different classes

in each faculty there is an audience

The general audience is the academic tower the biggest audience is in cu

There is a central library where books of any genre, which serves to all faculties, within this there are cubicles and computers where you can also do jobs and tasks

There is a faculty, the best of all, the faculty of architecture where they study the best students

units in sports there are tennis, volleyball, soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, karate, fast soccer, football, swimming

there are also many green areas with many trees and large corridors between faculties

Alumno: Villegas Balan David R.

Grupo: 07

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