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Once blue-blooded - added Fut 15 Coins accurately - Castlevania: Adapted Edition, Castlevania: Bequest of Black is what Konami's aboriginal Nintendo 64 Castlevania appellation was meant to be if it was arise aboriginal this year. Everything from Castlevania 64 is present actuality in an added director's cut version, which contains bigger graphics, sound, and two added scenarios featuring the new characters, Cornell the werewolf and the adolescent warrior Henry. Like the original, Castlevania: Bequest of Black isn't absolute agnate to Symphony of the Night on the PlayStation but is a bent adjustment of the aboriginal titles in the alternation set in 3D. Demography abode eight years afore the aboriginal N64 game, C:LOD begins with Cornell afoot to Transylvania afterwards his acquaintance Ortega had betrayed him, acceptance Cornell's sister Ada to be abducted by Calculation Dracula. Now it's up to you to accomplishment her, or die trying.