Life of the Ancient Egyptians

Mummifaction: There are six steps to mummifying a body. First, is to take all of the organs out of the body and put them in jars. Second, you put natron salt on the body. Next, you would put oil on the body, put gems and jewelry on and then wrap the body. The final step is to seal the mummy in a coffin.


The ancient Egyptians believed in many gods as the forces of nature such as the sun god Ra and the god of the yearly flood, Hapy. There were several ways the ancient Egyptians practiced their religion. One of the main ways they worshipped their gods and planned for the afterlife was by building huge temples and pyramids. Their religious beliefs also led to the creation of pharaohs or kings who had power over the Egyptians.


Most ancient Egyptians were noblemen, farmers or craftsmen. The noblemen did government work so ancient Egypt could build the huge pyramids and expand their capital. The farmers had an important job also as they supplied the capital with food. Scribes were higher in rank than most people because they knew how to write and with that ability they could record what happened.


The ancient Egyptians built the great pyramids in the time period of The Old Kingdoms in Giza. The pyramids had courtyards, storerooms, secret passageways and trap to keep tomb robbers from finding buried treasure. The pharaohs were buried with their treasures, food and anything they believed they would need in their afterlife.


Egypt is in a desert area of Africa. It is a hot, dry, sandy place where Egyptians built big pyramids to hold mummies and worship their gods.


The Nile River is the longest river in the world at 6,853 km long. The Nile River is surrounded by the Fertile Crescent. The Fertile Crescent is a fertile area that, when it rains, the river overflows into and, when it dries, the land becomes very good for growing crops. Life in ancient Egypt centered around the Nile River because it was their source of water, food from crops and fishing, and it was used for travel.

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