School Of Sports

Improving through Hard Work

Our School is located in Orlando, Florida.

Our Mission:

        The mission of our school is to train students hard.  We want to teach them hard work and discipline.  We have many training facilities to help our students improve.  We want kids to try to achieve their dreams.

An Overview:

        Our school starts at 9:00 A.M and ends at 2:30 P.M.  Students have I.D's and have to show it to enter.  We want our school to be safe.  The age of the students at our school are ages 18-21 and it is co-ed.  Our school holds 2,500 students and the tuition will cost &20,000 a year.  At our school we have many gym facilities.  We have fields and courts.  At our school each kid has a locker in a locker room.  There is a locker room for every sport and the kid in that sport is assigned that locker room.  We have a couple nurses at school to make sure the kids are okay.  The teachers are people with experience and knowledge.  At our school we will have a library which will provide many books and computers.  Kids can come here to learn and to take breaks.  A group of kids would be assigned to a guidance counselor.  He can help them solve problems they have at school and at home.  We can tell students are learning because their teachers will keep records on them and pay attention to them each day.  If a teacher doesn't see someone working hard or improving they will talk to them and try to fix this.  Students are motivated because they all have a common goal/dream.  All the kids in our school come here because they want to become professional players.

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