TM International, LLC – Global Industrial Explosion Protection

TM International, LLC is the world's premier protection against pressure, debris and catastrophic events. The unique design Explosion Protection Systems allows for asset protection against failures, storms or unforeseen circumstances.

T.M. International is a company that has innovated the way to demolish the buildings. Typically in the demolition of a building, provided they do not perform a controlled blasting is to start doing it from top to bottom, and not vice versa. This new method does just the opposite. The columns of the building on the ground floor are cut and replaced by hydraulic jacks that, in a controlled manner, depress the entire property, plant to plant.

TMI's woven wire rope product is unique in its ability to vent and breath. This gives it enormous strength and capability. Our paneled design allows for ease of access for routine maintenance and upgrades over poured concrete. TMI's unique blast protection offers users the flexibility they need in retro fitting production facilities, buildings and research institutions. When you're looking for a solution for Bomb Blast Protection, Fike Explosion Protection safety in any circumstance against flying matter, explosions or any catastrophic pressure release TMI has your solution.

With innovative technologies oriented dedication, T.M. International has developed a complete line of pressure relief products designed to meet Industrial Explosion Protection, Bomb Blast Protection, Explosion Proof Protection.

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