What I Like about My Teachers.

By Tynia Wiggins

Dear Ms.Roy,

When I first started Science class, I didn't think it was going to be fun. When you actually started teaching, I felt more into it. I don't like Science but you made it where times could be fun. The only Science I really like it Chemistry. The best part about your class was the Egg Drop Project. I say that because it was interactive and we got to work on it in class. What I didn't like was reviewing test because it would take so long and it was kind of boring. I won't ever forget your class, because it was fun and we got to have free time in your class.

Dear Ms.Smith,

I really do like Math. Math was always interesting to be. I thought it was the easiest thing in the world. The best thing I liked about your class was the Math Memories Project. I say that because it was easy but it was a lot of work. I didn't like when we had to work alone on some assignments. The number one thing I won't forget about your class is how you made the class fun sometimes by joking around.

Dear Ms. Johnson,

Language Arts and Reading is always going to be boring to me, but you made me realize that things may be boring but you need it. Even though you give out a lot of assignments, I can say it was worth it. I didn't like the amount of assignments you gave and sometimes they were boring. The things I did like was when we got to work in pairs and different groups with other people. The one thing I will remember for your class is the amount of work will help me out in the future.

Dear Ms.Banks,

Peer Leading this year was totally the best year with you. You made Peer Leading be the new thing. I really love your class. I liked how we got to do different things for this school and others. What I really love was the food. There was nothing I didn't like about your class.

Dear Ms. Loudermilk

Dear Ms. Dorsett,

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