BY:Nick Duong


Minecraft is a fun game for all ages to play! Because many people around the world just hang out with friends and family from just keeping in touch with family and friends, and just playing with them to have fun and even starting your own journey for survival on your own or with friends.so read on about this tackk


Minecraft is a world made out of blocks to check out. Explore deep down find many things around the map. In the morning go and grab things for your survival in the night from the mobs that will hunt you down. Or even play a creative world where you can just build a simple house and go from that in to a mansion or even a stadium Minecraft has no stop of creativity so your world can be a big start,the maker of the game is named notch but gave his job to Jeb now the new owner.

Single player

When you load in Minecraft you see a block world in front of you mine trees and gather resources for your house or even adventure there are many updates in the game that will add onto your world and have new things for you to explore. There are many structures that go from just lands like plains, forest, snow, mushroom, desert, and jungle, dark, mythical. Then there is places like villages then go into the deep caves grab obsidian then create a portal that takes you to the underworld then go to a stronghold there is a portal there called the end put ender eyes (a material dropped from ender man) in the fillings then the portal and destiny awaits. Defeat the ender dragon then finish the game!


Mods are little things that can be added into your game like different mobs are even monsters. Change your game the way you want. There are over a million mods find different dimensions fight with new weapons or even fiddle with the mod and get to know more about it. It is your choices of game you want to play make your pick of all the adventures in the mods anything could happen.


Servers are places for you to meet your friends and play together and have fun. Even make new friends meet them on and keep in touch with them donate to servers for special bonuses for you to have better ways to play and different things that have been added into your game. Your membership will last forever so there is no renewal that you have to pay for your VIP bonuses.


In the end of this tackk you should know about everything about your game like what is in the game like the whole description then going from playing single player. After playing you’re same world go onto something new using mods that you can add into your game for better ways to play. Then playing on servers where you can meet with friends and family or you want to play against other people testing there strength and how they use Minecraft. And one question for you to think about is how will you use Minecraft how will you mod your game what kind of servers will you have? It is your choice choose your path to success!

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