bY: tHAD & bRADY

I'll be talking to you about drug misuse and abuse.

Drug misuse- Misuse of a drug is where you take more than prescribed  ex- Billy Bob had a head ache so he took some aspirin but the label said 2 every 4 hours but he wanted it away now so he took 4. This is abuse

Drug Abuse- Abuse of a drug is where you misuse a drug on purpose, take an illegal drug, or use a drug when you don't need it. ex- Johnny decided to do some cocaine with his friends. There's one example. After Johnny did the cocaine he felt sick so he took some Vicodin to feel better and got hooked on that. Now Johnny has abused 2 drugs.

Withdrawal- Negative things that happen when quiting a drug. Symptoms- shakes, vomiting, etc.

Physical Dependence- Your body is telling you it needs the drug

Psychological Dependence- Mental or emotional need for a drug. basically your mind is telling you get the drug.

This tells you a lot of things about drugs and what happens and this should give you an idea on why not to do drugs. So remember don't do them they'll ruin your life.

Addiction- Addiction is where you take the drug so much that you will do whatever possible to get it again. ex. Jimminey is hooked on drugs so he stole them to feed his addiction.

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