Mitosis is also known as asexual reproduction, which is common in simpler organisms.

In Mitosis, there is one parent, so the offspring is identical.

Although the process is fast, if any bad traits were in the parent they'd be left with the daughter.

This type of reproduction is called fission. The cell splits into two daughter cells.
In budding, the offspring grows out of the body of the parent.
In fragmentation, the body of the parent breaks into pieces, exact copies of itself.

Although these are the main forms of mitosis, we still don't know the actual process.

The main parts of the cell cycle include interphase, growth, and the mitotic phase.

In growth, the cytoplasm in cells replicate so the cells grows. In the synthesis phase, the cell continues to grow and DNA is replicated. In the mitotic phase mitosis takes place.

Mitosis consists of four main steps.

In prophase, genetic duplicated DNA cells are separated. In metaphase, chromosomes are at a condensed and coiled stage. In anaphase, chromosomes move away from each other to opposite sides. Finally, in telophase, chromosomes move away and form two new nuclei.

In cytokinesis, cytoplasm is divided from original cell to two new cells.

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