Chapter 23-24 Assignment:

by: Karla Martinez

1.) How does Passepartout handle the situation he faces in Yokohama? Does he keep his cool? Does he panic? Are his reactions out of character for him?

- Passepartout seems calm, but you can tell he's worried. Yes, Passepartout keeps his cool and does not panic. To hear of Passepartout acting this way, I was really shocked. Because at the beginning of the story he was so anxious to be working with a regular man, then when told to pack up, he didn't react calmly.

2.) Discuss the ways in which Passepartout considers earning money for his meals.  How does he get breakfast? What job does he find?

- His first idea was to sing, but later on in the book he finds a better opportunity for money in a circus, something he has already done. Passepartout gets his breakfast from the Carnatic, since it was already paid for.

3.) Passepartout looks for a job that will provide him with money for food and shelter and possibly a passageway to America. How does this job lead him back to Fogg, instantly eliminating his problem? Write a three paragraph essay explaining your answer.

-    After Passepartout wakes from being unconscious, he realized he has been split from Fogg and Aouda. Passepartout reacts calmly in his situation and think it through. He realizes that he would have to get a job in order to get back to Fogg.

     Passepartout gets his breakfast from the Carnatic, due to the fact it was already paid for by Mr. Phileas Fogg. But how would he get back to Fogg in the near future? Passepartout starts to think about what jobs he could do. Passepartout begins to think about singing, but that was before a circus comes.

     Passepartout takes the job as an acrobat, due to the fact that he would be sheltered,be given pay, and will have a passageway back to America. Passepartout uses the circus as an advantage to find Fogg. Fogg then cleverly finds Passepartout where-abouts and the party is reunited.

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