Spanish Exploration of the New World

Vijay Nagandla

Your Majesty, King Charles, I would be more than delighted if  you would sponsor me to go explore the New World. I will leave Spain in 1532. I am from German sub-continent. I am promising you that I will try my utmost to bring the gold and silver you wish for. Also I will bring furs for His Excellency to wear and slaves. Other explorers report that there is a Fountain of Youth and The Seven Cities Of Gold. I shall send an expedition and lead it myself. I would enjoy it if you give me permission to take some gold for my family since we are living in harsh conditions at the moment. I will go to the Southern part of North America since the French are in the north and the English are in the East. Since I heard of hostile Indians, I shall offer to trade with them but be armed just in case they open fire. I request goods for trade and a good amount of pay for my crew because I fear of mutiny. I do not know how long we are going to be at sea so I will need five months worth of food and water for every passenger.

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