Chrome Apps for mLearning

Educational Apps for K-12 Students


DuoLingo Web is an app used to help students learn new languages. This app is completely free with no advertisements. The app currently has courses in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and English. DuoLingo is a great app for students in a second language course to use at home if they need extra assistance or clarification. Also, this app would work great with exchange students learning english in their new school.


GeoGebra is a math educational app appropriate for all grades. It contains videos, links, assignments, practice questions, and lots of additional resources. GeoGebra covers all math areas, including geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus. This apps contains resources for teachers to be used in class lessons, as well as additional assistance and study questions for students to use both in the classroom and at home.


TypingClub is a free game and educational program for learning to master proper typing technique and form. Students can use this app to master the skill of computer typing and do so through this apps fun and interactive games. This app contains a free school portal to help teachers monitor and assess student performance. This app promises students to reach 40-90 words per minute within a matter of weeks.

Sumo Paint

SumoPaint is a free chrome app similar to the classic Microsoft Paint program. It allows students to draw, paint and design images from any computer and save all creations to their Google Drive account. Sumo Paint could be easily utilized in art classes. The app also can be used to edit and customize photos which could be utilized for projects in a wide variety of classes.


MindMeister is a brainstorming and mind mapping app which allows for collaborative planning. This app allows students to brainstorm, map and diagram ideas on one shared platform in real time. MindMeister is also integrated into Google Drive to allow students to share and collaborate when any computer or mobile device at their convenience. Students and teachers can utilize this app for group work or to diagram class thoughts and discussions.

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