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The riots in Baltimore have been headlining for a long time now as well as other racially motivated protests. I found this topic to be most interesting to me because civil rights issues have been something I've been looking into more and why they're so important. To fully understand the issues in Baltimore I found it important to pull sources from three sources that vary in their political intentions-conservative, moderate, and liberal. Fox News is a clear choice for conservative coverage. Fox News covered the peak of the movement which is when all of the National Guard troops were called in. They were very vague in their approach to cover the violence giving only the basic details. In another coverage where a woman is dragging her son away from the violence they find it humorous. Reporters say how its a good thing she's dragging away from what they perceive as unnecessary trouble. I think they fail to understand that his mother is more afraid of him getting hurt from the police they're protesting in the first place Time . Magazine was my second choice as a moderate view and was the one I most supported.Time uses a cover that has a picture of protester with the year 1968 crossed off to say 2015. Time goes into detail about the roots of the issue and that the protesters have valid reason due to years of systematic oppression. Time also took more leeway with the protesters by truly understanding their anger .The last source I used was Twitter which was with out a surprise the most varied view of the event. A particular tweet I found interesting is a picture with one half of people peacefully marching with MLK, and the other half shows a man shattering a car window. To caption the tweet it says "the difference between a protest and a riot." At first I really agreed but then I disagreed. The people of Baltimore have a right to be rioting because how else are they actually going to get attention. I also thought back to how during the Revolutionary War we see our forefathers with pride for rioting against the British, but when we think about the Civil Rights movement that wasn't even a war we see it with discomfort When will we ever take the side of the minority in America?

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