Hi! I'm Trent Ashcraft

Social Studies - Christian Academy of Louisville


Bachelors of Arts in Social Studies - Morehead State University

Pursuing a Masters of Education with a concentration in technology - Indiana University Southeast

Career Background


Social Studies teacher @ Christian Academy of Louisville

  • Advanced Placement United States History
  • Advanced Placement US Government and Politics
  • Advanced Placement Microeconomics

Professional Development

St. Louis Federal Reserve Advanced Placement Economics workshop

AP Summer Institute - US History - Morehead State University

Various in school PD days focusing on technology, mentorship, and, because I teach at a private Christian school, Biblical Integration.

Looking forward to attending a AP workshop in December to learn more about the redesigned AP US history exam.

Teaching Philosophy

I became a teacher because I love Social Studies and I wanted to spend my career sharing my passion with students.  I had a professor once who told me that teaching was "80% instruction, 20% entertainment."  He wasn't suggesting that we waste time with nonsense in class, but rather that we keep students engaged. Learning should be active and fun! That's what I strive for in my classroom.

I'm a firm believer that there isn't a "one-size-fits-all" method to instruction. Each student is unique and it is our job as teachers to break out of our own comfort zone and try those methods that allow us to present material in a wide variety of ways for a wide variety of students.

In regards to technology, it should be used to enhance understanding and develop skills, not simply replace older methods.  Any time I integrate technology into my classroom (which is often because each student has an iPad) I try to make sure that what I'm asking students to do has a real purpose. If they could have just as easily completed a task using a pen and paper then why am I asking them to use their iPad? Each task must be designed to create opportunities to enhance education and develop skills that will be useful in the 21st century economy after they leave my classroom.

Favorite Tools





Markup Sync



How do I stay in touch?

Email: regular email communication with parents and students.

Edmodo: All assignments and calendar events scheduled on Edmodo.  Both students and parents have access.

Twitter: I have a twitter account that allows me to have immediate communication with students and parents.

Personal Tidbits

My brand new baby boy!

I have a passion for history and love to explore the stories of all the cities I visit.

I'm the sponsor of our schools Y-Club, leading trips to the Kentucky Youth Assembly and the Kentucky United Nations Assembly. Last year, we represented France.

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité,!

As a Senior Sponsor I help to lead a class trip to California every Spring.  It's one of the highlights of the year.

One of my favorite resources...

As I mentioned in my philosophy, History, like all subjects, should be fun and engaging, not dry and boring.  Crash Course is a free series on Youtube that not only covers US history, but also World History, Literature, and other courses. It's great for covering material quickly, reviewing concepts, or as a more interesting homework assignment.

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